Why Mommy Commission

Great Question!  I was a recreation coordinator and absolutely loved every second of what I did.  IMG_2234

What is a recreation coordinator you ask.  I used to run a preschool, with absolutely fabulous staff, help put together our quarterly activity guide, plan and implement summer concerts, schedule our gyms & fields,  and oversee our Los Altos Youth Program. I craved going to work and helping people, making sure the community received everything they needed from us.  I loved having happy staff and doing whatever it took to make it happen.  I enjoyed hiring people and watching them grow and succeed. That was my commission, each day waking up and knowing I could make a difference in someones life.  It could have been as simple as getting coffee for a staff member, or giving little Johnny the blue crayon, or fixing a seniors computer so it worked properly.

So everyday I will post what my commission will be for the day, it might be about Nolan learning a new word, or it might a glass of wine.  Stay tuned to find out.


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