Mondays, Schmondays. Commission 8.3

I loathe Mondays.  Even though I am not working, Mondays still feel like Mondays.  It seems like everyone was in a funk today.  Even the kids in Nolan’s soccer class were all tired and blah.  Maddie took a half assed nap, which made getting dinner started hard.  Thank goodness it was a throw it together and put it in the oven type of dinner.  Nolan seemed to be super clingy with a side of whine today.  I just wanted a few minutes to myself.  Since the hubby worked late, that didn’t come until 8:45pm.

My commission for the day was two large and in charge glasses of wine.  I am feeling good now, and bed sounds amazing.


2 thoughts on “Mondays, Schmondays. Commission 8.3

  1. Hang in there! It was a Monday for everyone yesterday… I don’t know one person who had a good day. At least you got some wine! 😉


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