Poopy Tuesday/ Commission 8.4

My poor child has a problem with pooping.  Ms. Maddie get very constipated very quickly.  We thought it was dairy, and switched her to almond milk, not the case.  I have done some reading on the infamous internet and spoke with her doctor and its more common than I thought.  A simple dose of Miralax everyday should do the trick, and it does.  We will reevaluate in a year, once teething has stopped.

Well on Monday poor Maddie was so backed up and she actually pooped an Adult sized poop, HUGE.  I felt terrible.  Well today the flood gate opened.  I went to pick up the sweet pumpkin and she pooped out of her diaper, not only on her clothes, but the dog bed where she was sitting, on the floor, and on her Minnie ride a long car.  It was everywhere.  I am very happy she pooped but oh man cleaning it up was not so much fun.               Side note: Kirkland dog beds from Costco clean up very well.

Other than the poop situation the day went relatively well.  Lets see what tomorrow will hold.

In other news Keep Collective launched their new fall line.  I am so excited for this because Keep Collective has partnered with the Be Kind campaign to help bring awareness to bullying in school. It’s a great collaboration and I am so humbled to be apart of this company.  If you are interested in this campaign or making a one-of-a-kind bracelet, message me or visit my website keep-collective.com/with/leeaguy.


Todays commission was a nice glass of cold champagne. I love champagne, it would be my drink of choice, if it were not so darn expensive.  Ruby Hill’s Sparkling Wine, is the best.  Light, but fruity with a touch of dryness.  Seriously I haven’t found anything close to it



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