Pancakes, Pizza & Pinot. Commission 8.5

The three P’s happened today.  I was in no mood to cook or clean, so paper plates (hey some more P’s) and a microwave saved me today.  My children had pancakes and pizza for dinner while I had a glass of pinot.  I like to drink a glass of some type of alcohol during dinner.  This calms me down for the witching hour, such a dreaded 2 hours before bed time.  Everything fell apart after dinner.  We went for our nightly walk and Maddie fell not once but twice, and the second fall really did her in, Pavement- 2 Maddie-0.  She was done, which meant I have to carry her and hold the two dogs.  Thanks goodness both pups are pretty mellow when walking.  Once we got home Nolan just couldn’t wind down, he was sent to sit on his bed for 10 minutes. I could not wait to just sit in quiet and do nothing.  I got my wish and the hubby is putting down the little man.

Keep Collective NEW FALL LINE is available tomorrow  Check out a little sneak peek. 11816856_10207076316567920_47943299992413289_n

My commission for today is sitting down in the quiet.  Not having to listen to screaming children. Done and done!


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