What A Weekend/ Commission 8.9

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy it has been a weekend.  Not necessarily one that was amazing, one that has caused me to down a whole bottle of champagne to myself and then some.  Friday came and I wish it were TGIF, but it was more get me through this day, so my husband can take over.

My boy Nolan is starting exercise his right to say “no” and ask a ton of why questions.  I hear myself saying “because I said so” a ton.  I know this is not the correct the answer, but its the easy one.  I grit my teeth and close my eyes just so I don’t yell at the top of my lungs.  I then, remind myself that he is 5, he should be asking questions and knowing why. I want him to know that its okay to say “no” when you don’t like something, but also listen to his parents.

My girl Madison, is fierce and has her mamas attitude.  Since my boy was a late speaker and didn’t really talk until 2.5, I am learning about the yelling and screaming for things.  She is also curious as all heck.  I love her curiosity and ability to speak, but lord have mercy.  Maddie tests my patience, she knows what she is doing is wrong, but she does it anyway.  She wants to be held and then put down, and then held again.  She wants her sandals, and then her shoes.  Then she starts yelling, because I can’t figure what she wants. I then find myself gritting my teeth and giving myself more wrinkles on my face. Then I have to take a breath and remember she is 19 months.  Somethings she doesn’t know better, and know that she is also just figuring out the world.  She has only been in this world for 19 months.  Sign language is big in our house and she is starting to say more and more words, which I know will help with the screaming and yelling. I also have to remember that is okay to say “no” and not give her everything.

Everyday is a learning experience for everyone.  I am learning that my children are children, but also when to take a step back and really look at the situation.  My husband has such amazing patience, he definitely took control of the weekend for me.

Tonight our commission is beer.  We love craft beer and a will try any beer once or twice hehe.  So cheers to you and I hope you had a fabulous week.


My keep for the day.  Country style.



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