It was me, not them.

Sorry I have been MIA the last two weeks.  David is now out of his “mini academy” and on the streets.  Just a little scheduling change, new routine and maybe a little added stress.

I finally had my breaking point.  Funny enough it wasn’t my kids that drove me crazy, it was me.  I hate not being in control. I want to be that mom that is so in control and organized, yeah well totally not me. I am a hot mess pretty much half the day. My kids stay in their pjs until I have to get them dressed and I go without my teeth brushed until around 11am (I know disgusting). So back to my crazy ass day.

The day started off great, got in an out of Costco in an hour, CRAZY I KNOW, got home, put the groceries away and off to go to the Peach Festival.  I needed to get cash, no problem, I will get some on the way.  WELL there was also a bike race happening in Fort Collins, along with tons of construction.  I made it passed street closure for the bike race, whew, but still needed cash.  Googled my bank and low and behold there was one right next my house, back tracked and of course both kids are sleeping, and no drive up ATM.  All the ATMS here are in an enclosed area, so I can’t leave my kids in the car to get cash.  At this point I am frustrated and upset, I hate that I don’t know where anything is.  The bike street closure is happening and traffic will be insane. I threw my hands up and said forget it. We went home and it all went downhill from there. Coffee spilt, Maddie didn’t take a good nap, nolan was whining, on and on and on. I tapped David in the second he got home.  He didn’t even have time to put down his stuff.

When I was at work, I could handle almost any situation. I am really good at staying cool under pressure, especially during events. I am good at improvising and letting things go if they didn’t happen.  I love being apart of a team and seeing people happy.  Well when you are a stay at home mom, its a team of 1 and sometimes no one is happy.  I am slowly learning to let things go and its not such a big deal if the milk spills.  If all that happened at the end of the day is the milk spilt, we are doing pretty good.

My keeper for they day



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