I’m Baaaaaaackk

I have had several requests to get my blog back up and running.  So, here I am typing away my feelings.

For New Year’s I had the pleasure of watching a friend’s children, while she was in the hospital giving birth to her 3rd child (really her 5th as she was surrogate to twins, yes, she is amazing and puts my goals to shame LOL).   This really made me feel so good about being a parent, that she trusted me with her two boys for TWO whole days.  I love them like my own boys.  WELL I definitely got a dose of what it is like to be a mom to four little people.  I give it up to people who have a posse of children.  You get my upmost respect.  Not that you didn’t before, but I ate a big ole piece of humble pie. I learned 2 things while watching 3 boys and 1 girl.

  1. Boys will be boys. Wrestling, burping, farting, wrestling some more are pretty much an hourly occurrence. I can not control it, and to just let it go……
  2. Patience is the key. Questions beyond questions and more questions.  Gahhhhh will it every end.  Well that’s the age and I need to realize that.

I am so blessed with friends that trust me with their children and that in itself is the biggest compliment I could ever receive. However, I did give myself a little commission on New Year’s Day, while the boys were wrestling in the background.  Oh, and I made myself a bracelet that I will wear almost daily.


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