The Struggle Was Real!

I first want to take a moment of silence for Sergeant Scott Lunger of the Hayward Police Department.  He was laid to his final resting place today.  Sergeant Lunger was killed in the line of duty on a car stop.  Just as life starts to resume as normal BAM, it happens again.  It doesn’t get any easier to hear of officer deaths. I have been married to a police officer for 8 years and I constantly think about what ifs.

What if David is killed in the line of duty, who will notify me? How will they notify me? What will my reaction be? How do I tell our kids? How do I plan for a funeral with that many people? What will life be like without him?

Each time David walks out the door, I know he might not be coming back.  That is a reality our family faces when he goes to work.  David puts on a bullet proof vest (that may or may not stop a bullet), a uniform, and carries a 30b+ belt and goes to calls or stops a cars, knowing it might be his last.  Every 53 hours an officer is killed in the line of duty.  David said the only time this photo will be used is if the newspaper wants it because he got into serious trouble or for a funeral, which makes me sad, because it’s a great picture. IMG_0034

The struggle was real today, it might because of the emotional live coverage of Sergeant Lunger ‘s funeral, seeing the code 3 lights, the sea of law enforcement officers from all over paying their respects, hearing his family speak about what an amazing person he was, or hearing the end of watch from dispatch.  It definitely took a toll today.  Also my little cherub Madison threw her first fit in a grocery store, THANK THE LORD, it was leaving the store. I had to pick her up and carry her to the car.  After we got home and I put Maddie down for a nap, I sat down on the couch and took at 2 hour nap, unintentionally.  I woke up in a panic, not knowing how long I was asleep for.  Thank goodness my 5 year old can be entertained with Netflix and YouTube.  After nap time it was an uphill battle.  Between not having dinner started, and both kids in whiney moods.  Needless to say we picked up dinner tonight.  However, I thank my lucky stars David is able to be home with us tonight.

Take a Breath

I can finally take a breathe. My most relaxing part of the day is when the babes goes down for a nap and Nolan can entertain himself on his iPad for an hour.  Yes, I am the mom that needs a minute and uses technology to entertain her child.  I have admit though, he can navigated his way around that thing.

This is my look for today and I will definitely be that mom that shows up in workout gear everyday to drop my child off at school.

FullSizeRender 12

This is my keeper for the day.  Super simple, but it matches!!! If you would like to know more about Keep Collective leave me a message or visit

FullSizeRender 13

My Family

The long and the short of our family. David and I were recreation leaders together for the City of Milpitas,.  I was 16 and he was 19, we both had a love for Abercrombie, puka shell necklaces, Oakley sunglasses and bleach blonde hair.  We sat by the pool checking out the newest Abercrombie catalog.  You would have thought we starting dating then, GOTCHA!  We both were in loooooooooong term relationships (whatever that meant).

I will try to find a photo of myself when I was 16, but below is the guy I fell in love with. 05_17_66

Time went on, he went to college, I went to college, lost contact… yada yada.   I heard through the grapevine that he was getting married and I was in midst of graduating college. How we reconnected:  There was this little thing called MySpace.  I was a Myspace whore, I was all over that website, stocking people, playing sorority life, killing brain cells etc… Then I came across Davids page fully expecting his relationship status to read Married, but it didn’t.  Dun Dun Daaaaaaaa.  I of course messaged him immediately, because that is what any normal person would have done.  I asked him “WHAT HAPPENED” in that exactly way.  His feelings aside, I had to know what happened.  Gosh I am ultra sensitive to peoples feelings. Well low and behold I received a message back right away.  He let me know that he was on a trip, with his ex-finance (weird) and that he would call me when he got back.  Well I let that one go, I didn’t need to hear the drama of him being on a trip with his ex-finance and all that jazz.  David actually called me and we talked for 4 hours.  Its almost like we were back by the pool. Only this time I had that crazy butterfly feeling.  This is where it gets quick folks.  David and I started talking in August 2007, he asked me to be is girlfriend in October, we were engaged in December and married the following August.  I just knew he was the one, I didn’t want another day to go by without him being my husband. We have been married for almost 8 years. Fast forward a couple years and we had our first child Nolan Ryan (5yrs).  I love that little man to pieces and then fast forwards 3 years and we had our little crazy devil child Madison Lee (19 months).  I always wanted boys and god blessed me with a little girl.  Yes pay back is a bitch!  I am getting it and then some.  I love both of my children dearly.  I should mention now that both David and I are both only children. Yes, I know weird.  Well we have never had to deal with siblings or how they operate,  so this should be interesting.  One day at a time.

Why Mommy Commission

Great Question!  I was a recreation coordinator and absolutely loved every second of what I did.  IMG_2234

What is a recreation coordinator you ask.  I used to run a preschool, with absolutely fabulous staff, help put together our quarterly activity guide, plan and implement summer concerts, schedule our gyms & fields,  and oversee our Los Altos Youth Program. I craved going to work and helping people, making sure the community received everything they needed from us.  I loved having happy staff and doing whatever it took to make it happen.  I enjoyed hiring people and watching them grow and succeed. That was my commission, each day waking up and knowing I could make a difference in someones life.  It could have been as simple as getting coffee for a staff member, or giving little Johnny the blue crayon, or fixing a seniors computer so it worked properly.

So everyday I will post what my commission will be for the day, it might be about Nolan learning a new word, or it might a glass of wine.  Stay tuned to find out.

Who woulda thought

Well we are here about a month into living in the country.  I am not talking about living in the “sticks” as my friend Greg would call it, but it’s definitely not traffic filled, house on every corner, 6 malls, 5 lane freeways, 4 grocery stores in 8 square miles, 3 major airports, two Starbucks with in a block of each other and a partridge and a pear tree.  Colorado living is very simple and relaxing.  The highway has two lanes in each direction, I do see tractors on a daily basis, I even had move over for one on the county rd.  I am in a suburb but surrounded by corn fields and horses.  It takes about 15 minutes to get everywhere. Need to get groceries, 15 minutes, need to get coffee (and mama need her coffee) 15 minutes, want to go downtown, 15 minutes, and by 15 minutes, I mean 15 actual minutes.  Not how the long the GPS says it should take you, and then you hit traffic and 15 minutes turns into 30 minutes, like an actual 15 minutes.

David is in his 3rd week of the mini academy, learning all sorts of CO laws and policies/procedures of Fort Collins Police Services.  I am in my 3rd week of being a true stay at home mom.  Things are a little crazy and I can’t get the house unpacked quite at the speed that I would like, but its coming together.  I do drink a little more these days (nope that is not a joke) and I am thinking about getting into martinis.  Send me your recipes I would love to try them out.

I have sought out a new venture, I am an independent designer for a company called Keep Collective. I know, I know what you are thinking.  ME direct selling, but I am a sucker for charms, what can I say,  and I have an amazing leader.  I am about a month in and I absolutely love it. Keep Collective is a collection of ONE-OF-A-KIND, interchangeable Keepers (bracelets,& pendants) and Keys (charms). Each one is a wearable touchstone, an instant reminder of the big things, the small things, and all the things that matter.  I will be posting a Keeper of the day picture.

Cant wait for all o11693811_10205706498375009_7690985356459120625_nf you to follow me on my journey from Workaholic to Homemaker.